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1) Propagazione di un pacchetto d'onde
Viene risolta l'equatione di Schroedinger Tempo-Dipendente per un pacchetto d'onde Gaussiano. Viene mostrato lo scattering con una barriera di potenziale.

2) Meccanica Quantistica
This is a collection of Java applets illustrating quantum mechanical processes

3) Meccanica quantistica e Meccanica Classica
This applet demonstrates the classical limit of the Schrodinger Equation by looking at the time evolution of a quantum wave-packet in a square well potential.

4) Visual Quantum Mechanics
The Visual Quantum Mechanics project is developing instructional materials about quantum physics for high school and college students. Instructional units and/or courses are being created for high school and college non-science students, pre-medical and biology students, and science and engineering majors. Each set of the teaching-learning materials integrates interactive visualizations with inexpensive materials and written documents in an activity-based environment.


1) Modi di una guida d'onda dielettrica multistrato planare
Following the definition of a 1-D dielectric waveguide in terms of refractive indices, layer thicknesses, and the vacuum wavelength, the applet calculates the propagation constants of guided modes and allows to inspect the corresponding optical field patterns.

2) Modi di una guida d'onda dielettrica multistrato con confinamento bidimensionale
This applet calculates and visualizes the guided fields of dielectric integrated optical waveguides with two-dimensional light confinement. Note the remarks on the effective-index approximation the mode solver relies on.

3) Propagazione del Campo Elettromagnetico
This java applet shows the relations between electric field E, magnetic field B and wave vector k, when electromagnetic wave propogate through space.


1) Struttura Cristallina
Zincblende and Diamond structures ( GaAs, Si, etc.) : unitcell with lists of material property. It shows a 3D view of the unitcell and a 3D view of the covalent bonds.



1) Java Applet per Diodi, Transistor Memorie etc.
2) PN junction applet
3) MOSFET applet


1) The Laser Adventure
Introduzione ai laser con applicazioni Java e pratiche



1) Virtual Lab
2) Java Applets in Education
3) Virtual Physics Laboratory
4) Britney Spears guide to Semiconductor Physics

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