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A generalized Monte Carlo approach for the analysis of quantum-transport phenomena in mesoscopic systems: interplay between coherence and relaxation
F. Rossi S. Ragazzi A. Di Carlo P. Lugli
VLSI Design, 8, pp. 197 - 202 (1998)
mesoscopic systems;Monte Carlo methods;semiconductor superlattices;

Characterization of hole transport phenomena in AlGaAs-InGaAs HEMT's biased in impact-ionization regime
G. Meneghesso A. Di Carlo M. Manfredi M. Pavesi C. Canali E. Zanoni
56th Annual Device Research Conference Digest (Cat. No.98TH8373), , pp. 36 - 7 (1998)
aluminium compounds;electroluminescence;electron-hole recombination;fine structure;gallium arsenide;hole mobility;III-V semiconductors;impact ionisation;indium compounds;monochromators;power HEMT;semiconductor quantum wells;tight-binding calculations;

Microscopic theory of quantum-transport phenomena in mesoscopic systems: a Monte Carlo approach
F. Rossi A. Di Carlo P. Lugli
Physical Review Letters, 80, pp. 3348 - 51 (1998/04/13)
mesoscopic systems;Monte Carlo methods;quantum interference phenomena;semiconductor superlattices;

Non local impact ionization effects in semiconductor devices
D. Meglio C. Cianci A. Di Carlo P. Lugli
VLSI Design, 6, pp. 291 - 7 (1998)
gallium arsenide;III-V semiconductors;impact ionisation;indium compounds;Monte Carlo methods;semiconductor device models;

Off-resonance Γ-X mixing in semiconductor quantum wires
A. Di Carlo S. Pescetelli A. Kavokin M. Vladimirova P. Lugli
Physical Review B (Condensed Matter), 57, pp. 9770 - 9 (1998/04/15)
conduction bands;interface states;semiconductor quantum wires;tight-binding calculations;

Optical and electronic properties of semiconductor 2D nanosystems: self-consistent tight-binding calculations
A. Reale A. Di Carlo S. Pescetelli M. Paciotti P. Lugi
VLSI Design, 8, pp. 469 - 73 (1998)
band structure;high electron mobility transistors;nanotechnology;photoluminescence;semiconductor device models;semiconductor superlattices;tight-binding calculations;

Polarization-independent δ-strained semiconductor optical amplifiers: a tight-binding study
A. Di Carlo A. Reale L. Tocca P. Lugli
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, 34, pp. 1730 - 9 (1998/09)
gallium arsenide;gallium compounds;III-V semiconductors;indium compounds;laser theory;light polarisation;quantum well lasers;semiconductor device models;valence bands;

Relationship between optical and structural properties in substituted quaterthiophene crystals
G. Gigli M. Lomascolo R. Cingolani G. Barbarella M. Zambianchi L. Antolini F. Della Sala A. Di Carlo P. Lugli
Applied Physics Letters, 73, pp. 2414 - 16 (1998/10/26)
crystal structure;electronic structure;organic compounds;visible spectra;X-ray diffraction;

Self-consistent tight-binding methods applied to semiconductor nanostructures
Aldo Di Carlo
Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings, 491, pp. 389 - 394 (1998)
Electronic properties;Optical properties;Approximation theory;High electron mobility transistors;Semiconductor lasers;Optoelectronic devices;Heterojunctions;

Self-consistent tight-binding methods applied to semiconductor nanostructures
A. Di Carlo
Tight-Binding Approach to Computational Materials Science. Symposium, , pp. 389 - 94 (1998)
absorption coefficients;aluminium compounds;gallium arsenide;high electron mobility transistors;III-V semiconductors;nanostructured materials;SCF calculations;semiconductor device models;tight-binding calculations;



Γ-X mixing in T- and V-shaped quantum wires
A. Di Carlo S. Pescetelli A. Kavokin M. Vladimirova P. Lugli
Physica Status Solidi B, 204, pp. 275 - 8 (1997/11/01)
aluminium compounds;conduction bands;excited states;gallium arsenide;geometry;III-V semiconductors;interface structure;Schrodinger equation;semiconductor quantum wires;semiconductor superlattices;size effect;tight-binding calculations;wave functions;

Analysis of quantum-transport phenomena in mesoscopic systems: a Monte Carlo approach
S. Ragazzi A. Di Carlo P. Lugli F. Rossi
Physica Status Solidi B, 204, pp. 339 - 42 (1997/11/01)
carrier relaxation time;current density;density functional theory;hot carriers;mesoscopic systems;Monte Carlo methods;photoexcitation;quantum interference phenomena;resonant tunnelling diodes;semiconductor quantum wells;

Conduction-band mixing in T- and V-shaped quantum wires
S. Pescetelli A. Di Carlo P. Lugli
Physical Review B (Condensed Matter), 56, pp. 1668 - 71 (1997/07/15)
aluminium compounds;conduction bands;gallium arsenide;III-V semiconductors;interface states;many-valley semiconductors;semiconductor quantum wires;semiconductor superlattices;tight-binding calculations;

Enhanced coherent Zener tunneling in indirect gap semiconductors
A. Di Carlo P. Lugli A. Kavokin M. Vladimirova P. Vogl
Physica Status Solidi B, 204, pp. 420 - 2 (1997/11/01)
absorption coefficients;current density;elemental semiconductors;energy gap;Ge-Si alloys;mesoscopic systems;p-i-n diodes;silicon;tight-binding calculations;tunnelling;Zener effect;

Enhanced Zener tunneling in silicon
A. Di Carlo P. Lugli P. Vogl
Solid State Communications, 101, pp. 921 - 3 (1997/03)
elemental semiconductors;p-i-n diodes;silicon;tight-binding calculations;Zener effect;

Theoretical and experimental study of coupled asymmetric quantum well optical switches
A. Reale, A. Di Carlo, P. Lugli
Proc. GaAs 97 and associated, Bologna (Italy), pp. 305 (1997)
optical switch, quantum well

Wannier-Stark resonance of Zener current through a superlattice in a p-i-n diode
M. Morifuji K. Murayama C. Hamaguchi A. Di Carlo P. Vogl G. Boehm M. Sexl
Physica Status Solidi B, 204, pp. 368 - 73 (1997/11/01)
aluminium compounds;carrier density;electroreflectance;energy gap;gallium arsenide;III-V semiconductors;interface structure;Landau levels;magnetic field effects;p-i-n diodes;semiconductor heterojunctions;semiconductor quantum wells;semiconductor superlattices;Stark effect;tight-binding calculations;tunnelling;Wannier functions;Zener effect;



Experimental and Monte Carlo analysis of impact-ionization in AlGaAs/GaAs HBT's
Claudio Canali Paolo Pavan Aldo Di Carlo Paolo Lugli Roger Malik Manfredo Manfredi Andrea Neviani Loris Vendrame Enrico Zanoni Gunther Zandler
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 43, pp. 1769 - 1777 (1996)
Ionization of solids;Hot carriers;Current density;Electric field effects;Semiconducting aluminum compounds;Light emission;Semiconducting gallium arsenide;Monte Carlo methods;

Light emission from direct and phonon-assisted processes in AlGaAs-GaAs HBT's
S. Villa A.L. Lacaita A. Di Carlo P. Lugli
GAAS 96. European Gallium Arsenide and Related III-V Compounds Applications Symposium and Associated CAD Workshop, , pp. 1 - 4 (1996)
aluminium compounds;electroluminescence;electron-phonon interactions;gallium arsenide;heterojunction bipolar transistors;III-V semiconductors;minority carriers;Monte Carlo methods;semiconductor device models;

Self-consistent tight-binding calculation of electronic and optical properties of semiconductor heterostructures
A. Di Carlo S. Pescetelli M. Paciotti P. Lugli M. Graf
Highlights of Light Spectroscopy on Semiconductors, HOLSOS 95, , pp. 175 - 8 (1996)
interface states;optical susceptibility;SCF calculations;semiconductor heterojunctions;semiconductor quantum wells;tight-binding calculations;

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