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Controlled growth of ordered SWCNTs for the realization of multielectrode field emitter devices
F. Brunetti P. Regoliosi A. Reale A. Di Carlo M.L. Terranova S. Orlanducci A. Fiori E. Tamburri V. Sessa A. Ciorba M. Rossi M. Cirillo V. Merlo
2004 4th IEEE Conference on Nanotechnology (IEEE Cat. No.04TH8757), , pp. 534 - 6 (2004)
carbon nanotubes;chemical vapour deposition;electron field emission;multilayers;nanotechnology;nanotube devices;photolithography;Raman spectra;scanning electron microscopy;

Current collapse associated with surface states in GaN-based HEMT's. Theoretical/experimental investigations
A. Sleiman A. Di Carlo G. Verzellesi G. Meneghesso E. Zanoni
Simulation of Semiconductor Processes and Devices - SISPAD 2004, , pp. 81 - 4 (2004)
gallium compounds;high electron mobility transistors;hole traps;III-V semiconductors;Monte Carlo methods;semiconductor device models;surface charging;surface states;wide band gap semiconductors;

Dynamical nonlinearity in strained InGaAs (311)A sidewall quantum wires
D. Alderighi M. Zamfirescu A. Vinattieri M. Gurioli S. Sanguinetti M. Povolotskyi J. Gleize A. Di Carlo P. Lugli R. Notzel
Applied Physics Letters, 84, pp. 786 - 8 (2004/02/02)
excitons;gallium arsenide;III-V semiconductors;indium compounds;nonlinear optics;photoluminescence;piezoelectricity;quantum confined Stark effect;semiconductor quantum wires;time resolved spectra;

Effect of self-consistency and electron correlation on the spatial extension of bipolaronic defects
T.A. Niehaus A. Di Carlo T. Frauenheim
Organic Electronics, 5, pp. 167 - 74 (2004/06)
band structure;bipolarons;defect states;density functional theory;many-body problems;polymers;SCF calculations;tight-binding calculations;

Effects of grain boundaries, field-dependent mobility, and interface trap States on the electrical Characteristics of pentacene TFT
A. Bolognesi M. Berliocchi M. Manenti A. Di Carlo P. Lugli K. Lmimouni C. Dufour
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 51, pp. 1997 - 2003 (2004/12)
carrier mobility;circuit simulation;grain boundaries;grain size;interface states;organic semiconductors;semiconductor device models;thin film transistors;

Electron-phonon scattering in molecular wires
A. Pecchia A. Gagliardi A. Di Carlo T. Frauenheim P. Lugli
2004 4th IEEE Conference on Nanotechnology (IEEE Cat. No.04TH8757), , pp. 512 - 14 (2004)
density functional theory;electron-phonon interactions;gold;Green's function methods;molecular electronics;perturbation theory;sandwich structures;tunnelling;

Electronic and optical properties of [N11] grown nanostructures
Michael Povolotskyi Aldo Di Carlo Stefan Birner
Physica Status Solidi C: Conferences, 1, pp. 1511 - 1521 (2004)
Electronic properties;Electric fields;Indium compounds;Semiconductor quantum dots;Ground state;Semiconductor quantum wires;Shear deformation;Superlattices;Semiconductor quantum wells;Heterojunctions;Atomic force microscopy;

Electronic transport in molecular devices: the role of coherent and incoherent electron-phonon scattering
P. Lugli A. Pecchia M. Gheorghe L. Latessa A. Di Carlo
Semiconductor Science and Technology, 19, pp. 357 - 61 (2004/04)
electron-phonon interactions;gold;Green's function methods;molecular electronics;organic compounds;spin Hamiltonians;

Exciton interaction with piezoelectric and polar optical phonons in bulk wurtzite GaN
G. Kokolakis J. Gleize A. Di Carlo P. Lugli
Semiconductor Science and Technology, 19, pp. 460 - 2 (2004/04)
electron-phonon interactions;gallium compounds;III-V semiconductors;phonon-exciton interactions;piezoelectric semiconductors;wide band gap semiconductors;

Forster energy transfer from poly(arylene-ethynylene)s to an erbium-porphyrin complex
R. Pizzoferrato L. Lagonigro T. Ziller A. Di Carlo R. Paolesse F. Mandoj A. Ricci C. Lo Sterzo
Chemical Physics, 300, pp. 217 - 25 (2004/05/10)
fluorescence;infrared spectra;organic compounds;polymer blends;radiation quenching;

Full band approach to tunneling in MOS structures
F. Sacconi A. Di Carlo P. Lugli M. Stadele J.-M. Jancu
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 51, pp. 741 - 8 (2004/05)
MOS capacitors;tight-binding calculations;tunnelling;

Full-band approaches to the electronic properties of nanometer-scale MOS structures
F. Sacconi M. Povolotskyi A. Di Carlo P. Lugli M. Stadele
Solid-State Electronics, 48, pp. 575 - 80 (2004/04)
conduction bands;current density;effective mass;MIS structures;MOS capacitors;MOSFET;semiconductor device models;semiconductor heterojunctions;silicon;silicon compounds;tight-binding calculations;tunnelling;

Incoherent electron-phonon scattering in octanethiols
A. Pecchia A. Di Carlo A. Gagliardi S. Sanna T. Frauenheim R. Gutierrez
Nano Letters, 4, pp. 2109 - 14 (2004/11)
ab initio calculations;density functional theory;electrical contacts;electron-phonon interactions;gold;Green's function methods;molecular electronics;organic compounds;tunnelling;vibrational modes;

Non-equilibrium electronic distribution within one period of InP-based quantum cascade lasers
G. Scarpa P. Lugli N. Ulbrich G. Abstreiter M.-C. Amann M. Manenti F. Compagnone A. Di Carlo
Semiconductor Science and Technology, 19, pp. 342 - 4 (2004/04)
electron-phonon interactions;III-V semiconductors;indium compounds;laser theory;Monte Carlo methods;population inversion;quantum cascade lasers;semiconductor device measurement;semiconductor device models;

Non-linear optical properties of InGaAs/AlGaAs nanostructures grown on (N11) surfaces
M. Povolotskyi J. Gleize A. Di Carlo P. Lugli S. Birner P. Vogl D. Alderighi M. Gurioli A. Vinattieri M. Colocci S. Sanguinetti R. Notzel
Semiconductor Science and Technology, 19, pp. 351 - 3 (2004/04)
excitons;gallium arsenide;III-V semiconductors;indium compounds;interface states;nanostructured materials;nonlinear optics;photoluminescence;piezoelectricity;semiconductor quantum dots;semiconductor quantum wells;time resolved spectra;

Optical far-IR wave generation - state-of-the-art and advanced device structures
V. Krozer B. Leone H.G. Roskos T. Loffler G. Loata G.H. Dohler F. Renner S. Eckardt S. Malzer A. SchwanhauBer T.O. Klaassen A. Adam P. Lugli A. Di Carlo M. Manenti G. Scamarcio M.S. Vitiello M. Feiginov
Proceedings of the SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, 5466, pp. 178 - 92 (2004)
microwave photonics;submillimetre wave generation;submillimetre wave lasers;

Organic/metal interfaces: an ab initio study of their structural and electronic properties
S. Picozzi A. Pecchia M. Gheorghe A. Di Carlo P. Lugli B. Delley M. Elstner
Surface Science, 566-568, pp. 628 - 32 (2004/09/20)
ab initio calculations;adsorption;aluminium;binding energy;density functional theory;electronic density of states;interface structure;organic compounds;

Piezoresistive behaviour of single wall carbon nanotubes
P. Regoliosi A. Reale A. Di Carlo S. Orlanducci M.L. Terranova P. Lugli
2004 4th IEEE Conference on Nanotechnology (IEEE Cat. No.04TH8757), , pp. 149 - 51 (2004)
carbon nanotubes;deformation;electrical conductivity;membranes;piezoresistance;pressure sensors;strain sensors;

Polarization field effects on the recombination dynamics in low-In-content InGaN multi-quantum wells
F. Rossi N. Armani C. Ferrari L. Lazzarini A. Vinattieri M. Colocci A. Reale A. Di Carlo V. Grillo
Superlattices and Microstructures, 36, pp. 615 - 24 (2004/10)
cathodoluminescence;gallium compounds;high-speed optical techniques;III-V semiconductors;indium compounds;photoluminescence;Poisson equation;Schrodinger equation;semiconductor quantum wells;Stark effect;

Quantum capacitance effects in carbon nanotube field-effect devices
Luca Latessa Alessandro Pecchia Aldo Di Carlo Paolo Lugli
2004 10th International Workshop on Computational Electronics, IEEE IWCE-10 2004, Abstracts, , pp. 73 - 74 (2004)
Field effect transistors;Quantum theory;Capacitance;Nanostructured materials;MOSFET devices;Transport properties;Poisson distribution;Dielectric devices;Green's function;

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