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Theory of heat dissipation in molecular electronics
A. Pecchia G. Romano A. Di Carlo
Physical Review B 75, pp. 35401 - 1 (2007)

Thermal Maps of GaAs P-HEMT: A Novel System Based on the Photocurrent Spectral Analysis
A. Reale, A. Di Carlo, M. Peroni, C. Lanzieri, S. Lavagna
IEEE Transaction on Electron Devices, Volume 54, pp. 879 - 882 (2007)

TIBERCAD: A new multiscale simulator for electron and optoelectronic devices
M. Auf der Maur, M. Povolotskyi, F. Sacconi, and A. Di Carlo
Superlattices and microstructures, 41, pp. 381-385 (2007)



Elasticity theory of pseudomorphic heterostructures grown on substrates of arbitrary thickness
M. Povolotskyi A. Di Carlo
Journal of Applied Physics, 100, pp. 63514 - 1 (2006/09/15)
aluminium compounds;deformation;elasticity;gallium arsenide;gallium compounds;III-V semiconductors;indium compounds;internal stresses;nanostructured materials;semiconductor heterojunctions;

Experimental validation of GaN HEMTs thermal management by using photocurrent measurements
P. Regoliosi A. Reale A. Di Carlo P. Romanini M. Peroni C. Lanzieri A. Angelini M. Pirola G. Ghione
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 53, pp. 182 - 8 (2006/02)
aluminium compounds;bonding processes;flip-chip devices;gallium compounds;high electron mobility transistors;photoconductivity;sapphire;semiconductor device measurement;silicon compounds;thermal management (packaging);thermal resistance;wide band gap semiconductors;

Molecular origins of conduction channels observed in shot-noise measurements
Gemma C. Solomon Alessio Gagliardi Alessandro Pecchia Thomas Frauenheim Aldo Di Carlo Jeffrey R. Reimers Noel S. Hush
Nano Letters, 6, pp. 2431 - 2437 (2006)
Electric conductance;Shot noise;Wave interference;Wave transmission;

Nanocomposites for organic and hybrid organic-inorganic solar cells
A. Reale T.M. Brown A. Di Carlo F. Giannini F. Brunetti E. Leonard M. Lucci M.L. Terranova S. Orlanducci E. Tamburri F. Toschi V. Sessa
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, 6334, pp. 63340 - (2006)
Carbon nanotubes;Dyes;Electrodes;Organic polymers;Substrates;

Nonequilibrium phonon generation in coupled Wannier-Stark ladders from a semiconductor superlattice in a three-terminal device
F. Rizzi M. Manenti A. Di Carlo P. Lugli
Journal of Applied Physics, 99, pp. 124504 - 1 (2006/06/15)
aluminium compounds;band structure;bipolar transistors;electroluminescence;excited states;gallium arsenide;III-V semiconductors;Monte Carlo methods;optoelectronic devices;phonons;semiconductor heterojunctions;semiconductor superlattices;

One-dimensional screening effects in bulk-modulated carbon nanotube transistors
L. Latessa, A. Pecchia, A. Di Carlo
J. Comp. Elect. 5, pp. 97 (2006)

Optimization of a NOx gas sensor based on single walled carbon nanotubes
M. Lucci A. Reale A. Di Carlo S. Orlanducci E. Tamburri M.L. Terranova I. Davoli C. Di Natale A. D'Amico R. Paolesse
Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical, 118, pp. 226 - 231 (2006)
Nitrogen oxides;Carbon nanotubes;Gold;Electrophoresis;Response time (computer systems);Desorption;Absorption;

Scaling effects in AlGaN/GaN HEMTs: Comparison between Monte Carlo simulations and experimental data
S. Russo , A. Di Carlo, W. Ruythooren, J. Derluyn and M. Germain
Journal of Computational Electronics, vol. 5, n. 2-3, pp. 109-113 (2006)

Simulation of a THz vacuum triode using carbon-nanotube emitter
E. Petrolati C. Paoloni A. Di Carlo
2006 IEEE International Vacuum Electronics Conference held jointly with 2006 IEEE International Vacuum Electron Sources (IEEE Cat. No.06EX1278), pp. 2 - (2006)
carbon nanotubes;field emission;submillimetre wave amplifiers;submillimetre wave tubes;triodes;

Simulation of piezoresistivity effect in FETs
Matthias Auf der Maur, Michael Povolotskyi, Fabio Sacconi, Aldo Di Carlo
J. Comp. Electronics 5, pp. 323-326 (2006)

Strain effects in SiN-passivated GaN-based HEMT devices
Fabio Sacconi, Michael Povolotskyi, Aldo Di Carlo
J. Computation. Electronics 5, pp. 115 (2006)

The symmetry of single-molecule conduction
G.C. Solomon A. Gagliardi A. Pecchia T. Frauenheim A. Di Carlo J.R. Reimers N.S. Hush
Journal of Chemical Physics, 125, pp. 184702 - 1 (2006/11/14)
chemisorbed layers;electric admittance;electrical conductivity;electrodes;gold;Green's function methods;molecular electronics;organic compounds;

Understanding the inelastic electron-tunneling spectra of alkanedithiols on gold
G.C. Solomon A. Gagliardi A. Pecchia T. Frauenheim A. Di Carlo J.R. Reimers N.S. Hush
Journal of Chemical Physics, 124, pp. 94704 - 1 (2006/03/07)
density functional theory;Green's function methods;molecular configurations;molecular electronic states;organic compounds;tunnelling spectra;vibrational states;



Atomistic simulations of the electronic transport of organic nanostructures: electron-phonon and electron-electron interactions
A. Pecchia, A. Di Carlo, A. Gagliardi, Th. Niehaus, Th. Frauenheim,
J. Comp. Elect. 4, pp. 79 (2005)
density functional theory;electronic density of states;Green's function methods;molecular electronics;Poisson equation;tight-binding calculations;NEGF;phonons

Carbon nanotubes dispersions in polymer matrix for strain sensing applications
P. Regoliosi F. Brunetti A. Reale A. Di Carlo E. Tamburri S. Orlanducci M.L. Terranova P. Lugli
Proceedings of the SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, 5838, pp. 77 - 84 (2005)
carbon nanotubes;conducting polymers;deformation;electrochemistry;filled polymers;organic-inorganic hybrid materials;piezoresistance;spin coating;strain sensors;thin films;

Carrier-confinement effects in nanocolumnar GaN/AlxGa1-xN quantum disks grown by molecular-beam epitaxy
J. Ristic C. Rivera E. Calleja S. Fernandez-Garrido M. Povoloskyi A. Di Carlo
Physical Review B (Condensed Matter and Materials Physics), 72, pp. 85330 - 1 (2005/08/15)
aluminium compounds;dielectric polarisation;gallium compounds;III-V semiconductors;molecular beam epitaxial growth;nanostructured materials;photoluminescence;Poisson equation;radiation quenching;Schrodinger equation;semiconductor growth;semiconductor quantum dots;spectral line broadening;surface potential;wide band gap semiconductors;

GaN/AlGaN nanocavities with AlN/GaN Bragg reflectors grown in AlGaN nanocolumns by plasma assisted MBE
J. Ristic E. Calleja S. Fernandez-Garrido A. Trampert U. Jahn K.H. Ploog M. Povoloskyi A. Di Carlo
Physica Status Solidi (A) Applied Research, 202, pp. 367 - 371 (2005)
Gallium nitride;Aluminum nitride;Mirrors;Molecular beam epitaxy;Heterojunctions;Cathodoluminescence;Light emission;Scanning electron microscopy;Transmission electron microscopy;

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