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Wannier-Stark localization in superlattices
Chihiro Hamaguchi Masahito Yamaguchi Hidekazu Nagasawa Masato Morifuji Aldo Di Carlo Peter Vogl Gerhard Bohm Gunter Trankle Gunter Weimann Yuji Nishikawa Shunichi Muto
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 1: Regular Papers & Short Notes & Review Papers, 34, pp. 4519 - 4521 (1995)
Oscillations;Electric current measurement;Semiconductor diodes;Semiconducting gallium arsenide;Semiconductor quantum wells;Electron tunneling;Electron scattering;Electron transport properties;Vectors;

Wannier-Stark localization in superlattices
C. Hamaguchi M. Yamaguchi H. Nagasawa M. Morifuji A. Di Carlo P. Vogl G. Bohm G. Trankle G. Weimann Y. Nishikawa S. Muto
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 1 (Regular Papers & Short Notes), 34, pp. 4519 - 21 (1995/08)
aluminium compounds;gallium arsenide;III-V semiconductors;interface states;localised states;p-i-n diodes;semiconductor quantum wells;semiconductor superlattices;Stark effect;Wannier functions;Zener effect;



Impact ionization and associated light emission phenomena in GaAs devices: a Monte Carlo study
G. Zandler A. Di Carlo P. Vogl P. Lugli
Gallium Arsenide and Related Compounds 1993. Proceedings of the Twentieth International Symposium on Gallium Arsenide and Related Compounds , pp. 715 - 20 (1994)
band structure;gallium arsenide;heterojunction bipolar transistors;high electron mobility transistors;hot carriers;III-V semiconductors;impact ionisation;interface states;luminescent devices;minority carriers;Monte Carlo methods;Schottky gate field effect transistors;

Monte Carlo simulation of minority carrier transport and light emission phenomena in GaAs devices
G. Zandler A. Di Carlo P. Vogl P. Lugli
Semiconductor Science and Technology, 9, pp. 666 - 70 (1994/05)
conduction bands;gallium arsenide;hot carriers;III-V semiconductors;light emitting devices;Monte Carlo methods;semiconductor device models;semiconductor devices;valence bands;

Theory of Zener tunneling and Wannier-Stark states in semiconductors
A. Di Carlo P. Vogl W. Potz
Physical Review B (Condensed Matter), 50, pp. 8358 - 77 (1994/09/15)
mesoscopic systems;p-i-n diodes;semiconductor device models;Zener diodes;

Theory of Zener tunnelling and Stark ladders in semiconductors
A. Di Carlo P. Vogl
Semiconductor Science and Technology, 9, pp. 497 - 9 (1994/05)
p-n junctions;semiconductors;Stark effect;tunnelling;Zener effect;



A comparison of Monte Carlo and cellular automata approaches for semiconductor device simulation
G. Zandler A. Di Carlo K. Kometer P. Lugli P. Vogl E. Gornik
IEEE Electron Device Letters, 14, pp. 77 - 9 (1993/02)
cellular automata;electronic engineering computing;Monte Carlo methods;semiconductor device models;

Dead-space effects under near-breakdown conditions in AlGaAs/GaAs HBT's
A. Di Carlo P. Lugli
IEEE Electron Device Letters, 14, pp. 103 - 106 (1993)
Heterojunctions;Semiconducting aluminum compounds;Semiconducting gallium arsenide;Monte Carlo methods;Computer simulation;Charge carriers;Ionization;Failure analysis;

Impact ionization and breakdown mechanisms in III-V devices. Heterojunction bipolar transistors
Andrea Neviani Carlo Tedesco Enrico Zanoni Manfredo Manfredi Claudio Canali Aldo Di Carlo Paolo Lugli
Alta Frequenza Rivista Di Elettronica, 5, pp. 15 - 24 (1993)
Microwave devices;Heterojunctions;Radiation effects;Electric breakdown;Electron transport properties;Mathematical models;Monte Carlo methods;Band structure;Charge carriers;

Impact ionization and light emission phenomena in AlGaAs/GaAs HBTs
P. Pavan E. Zanoni L. Vendrame R.J. Malik S. Bigliardi M. Manfredi A. Di Carlo P. Lugli C. Canali
Gallium Arsenide and Related Compounds 1992. Proceedings of the Nineteenth International Symposium, , pp. 717 - 722 (1993)
aluminium compounds;gallium arsenide;heterojunction bipolar transistors;III-V semiconductors;impact ionisation;light emitting devices;

Light emission from hot carriers in polar semiconductor devices
P. Lugli A. Di Carlo P. Vogl G. Zandler
Proceedings of the SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, 1985, pp. 196 - 207 (1993)
conduction bands;electroluminescence;gallium arsenide;heterojunction bipolar transistors;hot carriers;III-V semiconductors;luminescent devices;Monte Carlo methods;polar semiconductors;pseudopotential methods;Schottky gate field effect transistors;semiconductor device models;semiconductor devices;valence bands;



Impact ionization phenomena in AlGaAs/GaAs HBTs
A. Di Carlo P. Lugli P. Pavan E. Zanoni R. Malik
Microelectronic Engineering, 19, pp. 135 - 140 (1992)
Heterojunctions;Semiconducting aluminum compounds;Semiconducting gallium compounds;Ionization;Monte Carlo methods;


Materials and Processing for Dye Solar Cell Technology
T. M. Brown, G. Mincuzzi, L. Vesce, F. Giordano, E. Petrolati, A. Guidobaldi, A. Reale, A. Di Carlo
MANA-NIMS/URTV_NAST Workshop on Nanomaterials for Sustainable Development, (13-14/10/09)
Monteporzio Catone (Italy)

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