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Role of Ferroelectric Nanodomains in the Transport Properties of Perovskite Solar Cells
Pecchia, A., Gentilini, D., Rossi, D., Auf Der Maur, M., Di Carlo, A.
Nano Letters, 16 (2), pp. 988-992 (2016)

Role of pH and pigment concentration for natural dye-sensitized solar cells treated with anthocyanin extracts of common fruits
Teoli, F., Lucioli, S., Nota, P., Frattarelli, A., Matteocci, F., Carlo, A.D., Caboni, E., Forni, C.
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, 316, pp. 24-30 (2016)

Spray deposition of exfoliated MoS2 flakes as hole transport layer in perovskite-based photovoltaics
Capasso, A., Del Rio Castillo, A.E., Najafi, L., Pellegrini, V., Bonaccorso, F., Matteocci, F., Cinà, L., Di Carlo, A.
IEEE-NANO 2015 - 15th International Conference on Nanotechnology, art. no. 7388825, pp. 1138-1141 (2016)

Stability issues pertaining large area perovskite and dye-sensitized solar cells and modules
S Castro-Hermosa, S K Yadav, L Vesce, A Guidobaldi, A Reale, A Di Carlo and T M Brown
J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 50 033001 (2016)

Statistic Determination of Storage Capacity for Photovoltaic Energy Imbalance Mitigation
Giammanco, C., Pierro, M., Cornaro, C., Carlo, A.D.
Journal of Solar Energy Engineering, Transactions of the ASME, 138 (1), art. no. 011002 (2016)

Systematic study of the PCE and device operation of organic tandem solar cells
Fallahpour, A.H., Gentilini, D., Gagliardi, A., Der Maur, M.A., Lugli, P., Di Carlo, A.
IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 6 (1), art. no. 7299251, pp. 202-210 (2016)

Tuning optical absorption in pyran derivatives for DSSC
Maglione, C., Carella, A., Centore, R., Fusco, S., Velardo, A., Peluso, A., Colonna, D., Di Carlo, A.
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, 321, pp. 79-89 (2016)



8.7% Power conversion efficiency polymer solar cell realized with non-chlorinated solvents
G. Susanna, L. Salamandra, C. Ciceroni, F. Mura, T.M. Brown, A. Reale, M. Rossi, A. Di Carlo, F. Brunetti
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, Volume 134, Pages 194–198 (2015)

A comprehensive study of popular eigenvalue methods employed for quantum calculation of energy eigenstates in nanostructures using GPUs
W. Rodrigues, A. Pecchia, M. Auf der Maur, A. Di Carlo
Journal of Computational Electronics (2015)

A simple approach for the fabrication of perovskite solar cells in air
Simone Casaluci, Lucio Cina, Adam Pockett, Peter S. Kubiak, Ralf G. Niemann, Andrea Reale, Aldo Di Carlo, P.J. Cameron
Solar Energy Journal of Power Sources 297 (2015)

Carbon nanotubes field emission enhancement using a laser post treatment
G. Ulisse, F. Brunetti, A. di Carlo, S. Orlanducci, E. Tamburri, V. Guglielmotti, M. Marrani, M.L. Terranova
Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B, 33, 022203 (2015)

Comparison of the photoelectrochemical properties of RDS NiO thin films for p-type DSCs with different organic and organometallic dye-sensitizers and evidence of a direct correlation between cell efficiency and charge recombination
Stephen Sheehan, Gaia Naponiello, Fabrice Odobel, Denis P. Dowling, Aldo Di Carlo, Danilo Dini
J Solid State Electrochem Volume 19, Issue 4, pages 975-986 (2015)

Flexible Perovskite Photovoltaic Modules and Solar Cells Based on Atomic Layer Deposited Compact Layers and UV-Irradiated TiO 2 Scaffolds on Plastic Substrates
Francesco Di Giacomo, Valerio Zardetto, Alessandra D'Epifanio, Sara Pescetelli, Fabio Matteocci, Stefano Razza, Aldo Di Carlo, Silvia Licoccia, Wilhelmus M. M. Kessels, Mariadriana Creatore, and Thomas M. Brown
Adv. Energy Mater. 2015, 1401808 (2015)

Influence of the interface material layers and semiconductor energetic disorder on the open circuit voltage in polymer solar cells
Andrea Zampetti, Amir Hossein Fallahpour, Martina Dianetti, Luigi Salamandra, Francesco Santoni, Alessio Gagliardi, Matthias Auf der Maur, Francesca Brunetti, Andrea Reale, Thomas M. Brown and Aldo Di Carlo
Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics (2015)

Inkjet‐Printed Resistive Switching Memory Based on Organic Dielectric Materials: From Single Elements to Array Technology
Sebastian Nau, Christoph Wolf, Karl Popovic, Alexander Blümel, Francesco Santoni, Alessio Gagliardi, Aldo Di Carlo, Stefan Sax, Emil JW List‐Kratochvil
Advanced Electronic Materials Volume 1, Issue 1-2 (2015)

Molecular Ordering at the Interface Between Liquid Water and Rutile TiO2 (110)
Giulia Serrano, Beatrice Bonanni, Marco Di Giovannantonio, Tomasz Kosmala, Michael Schmid, Ulrike Diebold, Aldo Di Carlo, Jun Cheng, Joost VandeVondele, Klaus Wandelt and Claudio Goletti
Adv. Mater. Interfaces, 1500246 (2015)

Perovskite solar cells and large area modules (100 cm2) based on an air flow-assisted PbI2 blade coating deposition process
Stefano Razza, Francesco Di Giacomo, Fabio Matteocci, Lucio Cinà, Alessandro Lorenzo Palma, Simone Casaluci, Petra Cameron, Alessandra D'Epifanio, Silvia Licoccia, Andrea Reale, Thomas M. Brown, Aldo Di Carlo
Journal of Power Sources, Volume 277 - pages 286–291 (2015)

Photoelectrochemical characterization of squaraine-sensitized nickeloxide cathodes deposited via screen-printing for p-typedye-sensitized solar cells
Gaia Naponiello, Iole Venditti, Valerio Zardetto, Davide Saccone, Aldo Di Carlo, Ilaria Fratoddi, Claudia Barolo, Danilo Dini
Applied Surface Science 356, p.p. 911–920 (2015)

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