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Scaling-up of Dye Sensitized Solar Modules
L. Vesce, A. Guidobaldi, P. Mariani, A. Di Carlo, M. L. Parisi, S. Maranghi, R. Basosi
in book World Scientific Reference of Hybrid Materials 2019, World Scientific, pp. 423-485 (2019)

The effect of water in Carbon-Perovskite Solar Cells with optimized alumina spacer
J. Barichello, L. Vesce, F. Matteocci, E. Lamanna, A. Di Carlo
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 2019, vol 197, pp. 76–83 (2019)



Low temperature, solution-processed perovskite solar cells and modules with an aperture area efficiency of 11%
E. Calabrò, F. Matteocci, A. L. Palma, L. Vesce, B. Taheri, L. Carlini, I. Pis, S. Nappini, J. Dagar, C. Battocchio, T. M. Brown, A. Di Carlo
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 2018, vol. 185, pp. 136-144 (2018)

MoS2 Quantum Dot/Graphene Hybrids for Advanced Interface Engineering of a CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskite Solar Cell with an Efficiency of over 20%
L. Najafi, B. Taheri, B. Martin-Garcia, S. Bellani, D. Di Girolamo, A. Agresti, R. Oropesa-Nunez, S. Pescetelli, L. Vesce, E. Calabrò, M. Prato, A. E. Del Rio Castillo, A. Di Carlo, F. Bonaccorso
ACS Nano 2018, vol. 12 (11), pp. 10736-10754 (2018)

Photoelectrochemical and spectrophotometric studies on dye-sensitized solar cells (DSCs) and stable modules (DSCMs) based on natural apocarotenoids pigments
Giuseppe Calogero, Jessica Barichello, Ilaria Citro, Paolo Mariani, Luigi Vesce, Antonino Bartolotta, Aldo Di Carlo, Gaetano Di Marco
Dyes and Pigments 155, pp. 75-83 (2018)


A Novel Class of Dye-Sensitized Solar Modules. Glass-Plastic Structure for Mechanically Stable Devices
P. Mariani, L. Vesce, A. Di Carlo
IEEE 4th International Forum on Research and Technology for Society and Industry (RTSI) Proceedings 2018, pp. 1-5 (2018)



Laser-patterning engineering for Perovskite solar modules with 95% aperture ratio
A. L. Palma, F. Matteocci, A. Agresti, S. Pescetelli, E. Calabrò, L. Vesce, S. Christiansen, M. Schmidt, A. Di Carlo
IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics 2017, vol. 7 (6), pp. 1674-1680 (2017)



A benchmark study of commercially available copper nanoparticle inks for application in organic electronic devices
Polino, G., Abbel, R., Shanmugam, S., Bex, G.J.P., Hendriks, R., Brunetti, F., Di Carlo, A., Andriessen, R., Galagan, Y.
Organic Electronics: physics, materials, applications, 34, pp. 130-138 (2016)

An optical absorption model including absorber saturation
Auf der Maur, M., Gentilini, D., Di Carlo, A., Cha, S.-I., Lee, D.Y.
Journal of Computational Electronics, 15 (3), pp. 1064-1070 (2016)

Analytic approximations for solar cell open circuit voltage, short circuit current and fill factor
Auf Der Maur, M., Di Carlo, A.
16th International Conference on Numerical Simulation of Optoelectronic Devices, NUSOD 2016, art. no. 7547095, pp. 183-184 (2016)

Anodized aluminum on transparent substrates as scaffold for perovskite growth
Ciceroni, C., Nia, N.Y., Ulisse, G., Di Carlo, A., Brunetti, F.
IEEE-NANO 2015 - 15th International Conference on Nanotechnology, art. no. 7388772, pp. 943-946 (2016)

Atomistic simulation of GaAs/AlGaAs quantum dot/ring nanostructures
Rodrigues, W., Auf Der Maur, M., Di Carlo, A., Pecchia, A., Barettin, D., Sanguinetti, S.
IEEE-NANO 2015 - 15th International Conference on Nanotechnology, art. no. 7388735, pp. 809-812 (2016)

Back Cover: Graphene–Perovskite Solar Cells Exceed 18 % Efficiency: A Stability Study
Agresti, A., Pescetelli, S., Taheri, B., Del Rio Castillo, A.E., Cinà, L., Bonaccorso, F., Di Carlo, A.
ChemSusChem, 9 (18), p. 2716 (2016)

Boosting Perovskite Solar Cells Performance and Stability through Doping a Poly-3(hexylthiophene) Hole Transporting Material with Organic Functionalized Carbon Nanostructures
Gatti, T., Casaluci, S., Prato, M., Salerno, M., Di Stasio, F., Ansaldo, A., Menna, E., Di Carlo, A., Bonaccorso, F.
Advanced Functional Materials (2016)

Charge transport modelling in organic semiconductors: From diodes to transistors, memories and energy harvesters
Di Carlo, A., Santoni, F.
Technical Digest - International Electron Devices Meeting, IEDM, 2016-February, art. no. 7409685, pp. 12.6.1-12.6.4 (2016)

Device architectures with nanocrystalline mesoporous scaffolds and thin compact layers for flexible perovskite solar cells and modules
Di Giacomo, F., Lucarelli, G., Pescetelli, S., Matteocci, F., Razza, S., Di Carlo, A., D'Epifanio, A., Licoccia, S., Brown, T., Zardetto, V., Kessels, W.M.M., Creatore, M.
IEEE-NANO 2015 - 15th International Conference on Nanotechnology, art. no. 7388714, pp. 739-742 (2016)

Diffusion length mapping for dye-sensitized solar cells
Cinà, L., Taheri, B., Reale, A., Di Carlo, A.
Energies, 9 (9), art. no. 686 (2016)

Effect of ferroelectric nanodomains in perovskite solar cells
Gentilini, D., Rossi, D., Der Maur, M.A., Di Carlo, A., Pecchia, A.
IEEE-NANO 2015 - 15th International Conference on Nanotechnology, art. no. 7388894, pp. 1382-1385 (2016)

Efficiency Drop in Green InGaN/GaN Light Emitting Diodes: The Role of Random Alloy Fluctuations
Auf Der Maur, M., Pecchia, A., Penazzi, G., Rodrigues, W., Di Carlo, A.
Physical Review Letters, 116 (2), art. no. 027401 (2016)

Electron-collecting oxide layers in inverted polymer solar cells via oxidation of thermally evaporated titanium
Zampetti, A., Salamandra, L., Brunetti, F., Reale, A., Di Carlo, A., Brown, T.M.
Semiconductor Science and Technology, 31 (10), art. no. 105003 (2016)

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