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Thales Electron Devices
logo thales TED is the world’s leading manufacturer of electron tubes, X-ray detectors and associated subsystems which are at the heart of extremely high-tech systems, from satellite spacecrafts to the most advanced medical imaging equipment. The Group has a technological lead in these areas and is permanently developing new solutions to improve the performance of professional electronic systems using either high power / high frequency subsystems or X-ray imaging solutions.TED has worked with the world’s leading medical system manufacturers for many years, offering the broadest range of X-ray detectors on the market, from simple components to complete digital solutions. Over the years we have built up recognized expertise in the technologies needed for the acquisition of X-ray images, whether conventional or digital, along with associated image processing.TED’ entire product range, including flat-panel digital detectors, tubes, radiological imaging units, CCD cameras and electronics, meets the criteria for a large number of radiological exams. All TED products are designed to be easily integrated in different types of equipment, enhancing the image and refining the diagnosis.TED also provides X-ray generation and detection products for the non-destructive testing and security markets. These devices are designed for a wide range of high-rate industrial applications, including quality control, freight and baggage inspection.Today, TED is especially involved in the R&T domain of Security devices technologies for the Terahertz and X-ray innovative future sources and detectors. Key figures :
  • 425 M€ annual revenue
  • 2,300 employees (40% managers, engineers and technicians)
  • 6 industrial sites (Production, R&D) / 15 sales offices
  • 10% turnover dedicated to R&D
  • 1,500 customers
  • 2,000 product references
  • Production: series from single units to several thousand pieces
In the OPTHER project, TED will provide specific skill in tubes development based on highly recognized experience in multiple domains such as :
  • travelling wave tubes for Space applications (e.g. TWT amplifier for space transponder)
  • traveling wave tubes for Defense applications (e.g. TWT amplifier for Radar applications, TWT amplifier for military telecom applications)
  • klystrons, gyrotrons, IOTs & tetrodes for scientific applications (e.g. RF amplifier, Energy storage Megajoule Laser, ITER)

Role in OPTHER

The contribution of TED to this project will be carried out in the RF & microwave sources department of ThalesElectron Devices at Velizy in France : 32,000 m2 incl. 3,000 m2 of clean rooms, 750 employeesTED will be in charge of all aspects related to the tube assembly.