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IVEC 2011

IEEE - IVEC-2011 will be attended by the renowned professionals of the International Vacuum Electronic Devices and Systems Community. It will commence with an inaugural and plenary sessions including talks by eminent experts to focus onto the scientific and technological strides that are driving the current and future directions in vacuum electronic research. Subsequently, a number of parallel oral and poster sessions will present latest developments in vacuum electronic devices, their theories and computational design tools, active and passive components, technologies and systems and focus on a spectrum of scientific and commercial applications, spanning the range from UHF to THz frequencies. System developers will also find a unique snapshot into the state-of-the-art in vacuum electronic devices for electronic systems encompassing radar, electronic warfare, digital broadcasting, high data-rate communication, medical application, and RF accelerator technology for high energy physics.

An Opther partners is involved in the conference Committee:
Claudio Paoloni Session Chair THz Devices

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