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R. Riccitelli, F. Brunetti, C. Paoloni,G. Ulisse, A. Di Carlo, V.  Krozer, "Field Emission Vacuum Triode: THz Waveguide Solutions for the Transmission Lines", International Vacuum Electronics Conference - IVEC 2008, Monterey, USA , April 22nd -24th 2008 - Poster session

R. Riccitelli, F. Brunetti, C. Paoloni, G. Ulisse, A. Di Carlo, ”Flip-cathode Field Emission Vacuum Triode for THz Applications”, Microwave Technology and Techniques Workshop 2008 Innovation and Challenges, ESA ESTEC, Noordwjick, The Netherlands, 6th -7th May 2008 - Oral session

A. Di Carlo, F.Brunetti, C. Paoloni, R.Riccitelli, G.Ulisse” OPTHER-Optically Driven Terahertz Amplifiers”, Riunione Annuale del Gruppo Elettronica, Otranto (LE), Italy, 18th -20th June 2008 - Poster session

G.Ulisse, R.Riccitelli, F. Brunetti, C.Paoloni, A.Di Carlo “Cathode optimization for field emission nanotriodes”, Riunione Annuale del Gruppo Elettronica, Otranto (LE), Italy, 18th -20th June 2008 - Poster session

R. Riccitelli, F. Brunetti, G. Ulisse, C. Paoloni, A. Di Carlo, S. Orlanducci, V. Sessa, M. L. Terranova, M. Cirillo, “Innovative vacuum device flip-cathode based on carbon nanotubes field emitters”, First Mediterranean Photonic Conference, Ischia, Italy 25th -28th June 2008 - Oral Session 

R. Riccitelli, C. Paoloni, G. Ulisse, F. Brunetti, A. Di Carlo,”Simulations of field emission behavior in carbon nanotube based vacuum triode “,21st International Vacuum Nanoelectronics Conference- IVNC, Wrocław, Poland, 13th -17th July 2008 - Poster Session

P. Guiset, S. Combrie, M. Carras, A. De Rossi, J.P. Schnell,P. Legagneux"Surface plasmon localization on field emitters arrays for microwave modulation of tunneling currents"SPIE nanoscience and engineering conference, San Diego, California, 10th - 14th August 2008 -  Oral Session

A.Di Carlo, “OPTHER-Optically Driven TeraHertz Amplifiers”, Concertation meeting - FP7 Photonics projects, Barcelona, Spain, 18th -19th September 2008 - Oral Session


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