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logo SELEXSELEX Sistemi Integrati is a leading company in the definition and integration of systems for defence, coastal and maritime surveillance and air traffic management. SELEX Sistemi Integrati’s capabilities include Homeland Protection, integrated air defence, battlespace management C4ISTAR (Command Control Communications Computer Intelligence Surveillance Acquisition and Target Reconnaissance), naval combat management, air traffic and airport management solutions. A key to SELEX Sistemi Integrati’s leadership is its commitment to innovation and R&D.SELEX Sistemi Integrati is a strategic component of Finmeccanica's project for the creation of a defence electronics, security and integrated Large Systems group. The company is based in Italy (SELEX Sistemi Integrati SpA), the UK (SELEX Sistemi Integrati Ltd), Germany (SELEX Sistemi Integrati GmbH) and USA (SELEX Sistemi Integrati Inc.).One of the company’s key missions is the design and development of Large System architectures for Homeland Protection: to protect territory, citizens, institutions and key national infrastructures from terrorist and war threats and from disasters. The implementation of VTMS (Vessel Traffic Management Systems) network - a unique system for the management of vessel traffic along the coastline and within the harbours, as well as a fundamental element in EEZ – Exclusive Economic Zone - and Homeland Security applications is an example of SELEX Sistemi Integrati‘s capabilities. The Microelectronics and Photonics (M&P) dept. of SELEX SI, involved in the project, is in the R&D Unit within Engineering Directorate. The M&P unit can exploit wide laboratories with an overall area of 1000m2 A bigger part of 650 m2 is covered by clean rooms (class ranging from 1000 to 10000). As to the Thin Film technologies, in SELEX SI M&P unit capabilities exist on the following topics: E-beam metal/non-metal film evaporation, Thin film RF sputtering, Plasma Etching, I-line, G-line, Deep UV Photolithography, Miniaturised Hybrid μwave Integrated Circuits, MCM-D substrates ,Bumping (Indium, Au-Sn). The M&P unit also possesses a long lasting Integration & Packaging expertise in the following areas: MCM-L (Multi Chip Modules - Laminated), Eutectic melt soldering, Wire (Wedge, Ball) bondings, Flip Chip, Hermetic Packaging, Parallel Seam Welding, Microcooling. A recent strong effort is put on Micromachining, Microsystems and MEMS. As to the Photonics activities advanced Integrated optics components are developed in a LiNbO3 foundry. Fibre optic systems are also designed and fabricated as: Very long delay lines for radar antenna calibration and remoting, High speed digital data links, High speed Analogue to Digital converters.

Role in OPTHER

SELEX SI know how applicable to this project is on: Definition of System Requirements as an Industrial End User for Homeland Security Systems, High level of expertise on 3D Electromagnetic Simulation, Photonic components design and fabrication, Thin film technologies (Deposition, Photolitography, Dry etching,…) and Microelectronic assembling and packaging.