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Scientific and technical objectives

Low power (< 1mW), compact THz sources are becoming available even commercially, however, in order to achieve the necessary power to extend THz tecnhology to significant applications, powerful THz amplifiers are needed.

The OPTHER project aims at developing a THz amplifier to boost THz up to 10-100 mW.


Technical objectives of the project

The proposed amplifiers have to be reliable, robust, compact, light, compatible with several THz sources. Furthermore they have to demonstrate high efficiency and to be able to work at room temperature.

  • Large frequency range (0.3-2THz)
  • High amplification (>20 db)
  • High efficiency


Scientific objectives of the project

The  two amplifiers are formed by five main parts: the electron gun, the interaction structure, the collector, the input and output port. The design, the realization of each of those parts and the assembly of the whole vacuum device, represent an highly challenging issue.

The OPTHER amplifier

In order to achieve the proposed goals the project is based on five workpackages whose organization is shown in the table below. WP1 is devoted to the definition of the specifications of the THz source and the choice of the devices. In the first phase, detailed THz amplifier specification will be defined on the basis of security application requirements As first estimation, a range of 10 - 100 mW should be the goal THz output power. Together with the output power the minimum gain, bandwidth of operation, and the efficiency must be determined. The simulations of THz amplifier (whole device and sub-assemblies) will be performed in WP2. This is divided in two steps: a first design and simulation phase to make available the definitions files to the technology partners and a refinement simulation of the components after a first measurement phase. Two different THz sources driven differently by laser source will be considered in WP3 and WP4, respectively.

Dissemination/Exploitation of the results will be considered in WP5 while management is considered in WP0.

Workpackage No Workpackage title Type of activity Lead contractor No Person month Start month End month Deliverable No
 WP0 Management MGT UTV 11 0 36 D0.1 D0.2 D0.3 D0.4 D0.5 D0.6
 WP1 System requirement and source specification RTD SELEX-SI 14 0 8 D1.1 D2.2
 WP2 Modelling and simulations RTD TED 78 2 27 D2.1 D2.2 D2.3 D2.4 D2.5
 WP3 THz drive signal amplifier: realization RTD DTU 115 3 36 D3.1 D3.2 D3.3 D3.4 D3.5 D3.6
 WP4 Optically modulated beam THz amplifier : realization RTD TRT 90 2 36 D4.1 D4.2 D4.3 D4.4 D4.5 D4.6
 WP5 Dissemination and exploitation OTHER SELEX-SI 24 0 36 D5.1 D5.2 D5.3 D5.4 D5.5
  TOTAL      332