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Thales Research & Technology

logo thalesTHALES Research and Technology France (TRT-France), located in Orsay, is the main multidisciplinary research unit of THALES group, one of the major world players in professional electronics. Through its internal activities and scientific links with industries and universities, either in France or internationally, TRT-France is participating in the preparation of THALES industrial future in strategic R&D fields. With over 250 highly skilled staff, 13000 sq. m of labs of which 1700 sq. m clean rooms, TRT-France’s research teams perform pioneering work in the most advanced areas of optics & optoelectronics, electronic components for microwave applications and materials. S&T skills, ranging from materials elaboration (epitaxy of various semiconductors or magnetic thin films, ceramics, polymers), through component modelling, processing, testing, assembly and packaging, to integration in appropriate demonstrators are available on site and allow full validation of the technologies investigated before their transfer to operational divisions of THALES Group.


Role in OPTHER

The contribution of TRT-France to this project will be carried out in both the “Optic and Optronic Dept.” and in the “Technological Platform Dept.”:

  • The “Optics and Optronics” department has about 18 years experience in different research topics in electrooptics(materials and devices), non-linear optics, optical signal processing and optoelectronics for microwaveand telecommunication applications. The research in this department is performed on the following aspects:first, basic studies on different materials (polymers, semiconductors,..) and non-linear mechanisms(photorefractive, Brillouin scattering, Kerr effects, thermal gratings...), second, the demonstration of newadvanced concepts for applications to parallel information processing, laser beam control, optical generationand processing of microwave-millimeter wave signals.

  • The Technological Platform Department has acquired over the past 15 years a large background in domainscovering material preparation, design, process and measurements of RF MEMS devices, of components madeof different semiconductors such as (Si, SiC, GaAlAs, GaInAs and GaN). This department includes theAdvanced Analysis Lab (equipped with SEM, TEM, AFM, Nano Auger, FIB) and also the NanostructuresLab. The Nanostructures Lab has developed carbon nanotube and metallic nanowire based devices for fieldemission application and for molecular electronics. In particular, TRT has demonstrated the first modulation at1.5 GHz and at 30 GHz of a CNT cathode.