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Using a Wiki is easy!

You are no doubt familiar with the Wikipedia. If you never edited an article here, you will find editing the Clermont4 project website a lot of fun.

Simply login, and follow your intuition. In no time you will be through. Be bold!

Basic help

When you log-in, a sidebar will appear on the left, allowing you to edit the content of the pages dynamically and effortlessly. All your inputs are archived in a database. Powerful statistical analysis is possible by processing this database, which makes for relevant post-processing when it's time to work out the project reports. Please, take time to update your activities. Little inputs will accumulate to a gigantic edifice strong from all the efforts of the partners. This is, after all, what international collaboration is about. Let us bring our scientific practises to the world wide web.

Click Edit this page on the sidebar (or any [edit] on the right to edit a particular section) and you will be brought to some editor like this one:


And just type in normal text. Like an email! But instead of asking someone to do something for you, that will not be done so well as if you would do it yourself (according to Napoleon) and that will most likely take a lot of time to surface anyway, go for it directly. It will be made available in real time.

There are some very simple commands to format or process web-enabled features. Here are the more important one:

  1. To make a list of points, like I do now, start each line with a # (or with a * if you want bullets rather than numbers)
  2. To write in italics, surround your text by quotes ''like this'' (reads like this)
  3. To write in bold, '''three quotes'''
  4. To strike something (could come handy!) surround your text with <s>a pair of s delimiters</s> (reads a pair of s delimiters)
  5. To make a link inside the Clermont4 wiki, surround the name of the page by two brackets, e.g., [[Clermont]] goes to Clermont. If the page doesn't exist, the link is red (Like this one, please don't create this page!), and clicking on it allows you to create it. For instance, from the list of the partners (note the nested list), we can see right away who did not yet filled in their information (please do!):
  6. To make a link outside the Clermont4 wiki, surround the valid url with single brackets. You can add the linked text (otherwise a number like this [1] will appear). That is, [ the mighty google] gives the mighty google.
  7. You can upload files and embed them in the web site by using File:Filename.ext. As the file hasn't been uploaded, the link is broken. If you click on it, you'll have a chance to upload it.


There are more tricks, but those are the essential one you need for most purposes. If you want more power, please refer to the extensive available documentation available online (see below).

More help

You can consult the User's Guide for in-depth information on using the wiki software.

You can also see:

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